• Misa Kozinova

6 Reasons You Don't Want to Buy Message to Millions from Ted McGrath - an honest review

If you landed on this page, you know what you are looking for so I will keep it short.

Two reasons made me invest $2000 to Message to Millions from Ted McGrath:

1. His marketing is so catchy and his sales funnel is just brilliant - not only adds and email campaign but also the coaching call was powerful.

My thought was: "I want to learn from him how to do this!"

2. I like the result-driven money back guarantee - if you don't get your investment back in 6 months, you will get your money back. I am happy to invest the time and effort so it's easy to sell me on this.

Ok, so I have it and now what?

I spent the first weeks diligently going through the content and all the homework. The first modules are actually inspirational, fresh, and new so it kept me engaged for the first 2 weeks and dang, money back guarantee expired.

The deeper I went the more I got disappointed - the content repeated, there was a lot of what-tos and very little how-tos.

I started to figure the whole thing is about repetition of the same message which can pretty be summarized in: "Look, I am awesome and rich - tell your story and you can be like me."

The advertised bonus: "Exclusive membership in the Facebook group" is a ghost town. If you expect any traction or reaction from Ted or Ted's team, you wait forever. Most of the members only shout once or twice there in eager anticipation followed by a WTF?

How about the unconditional guarantee?

I understand why would want to give result-driven guarantee only if you go through all the content and all the homework. But here's the thing - in other courses I've taken (such as Jon Morrow's Freedom Machine reviewed here), the content is worth going through as it moves you forward.

Ted's Message to Millions is just draining. Repetition all over, limited structure, mess, poor job for an inspirational speaker. Ted could have done a good job if he was way more on quality over quantity.

I didn't want to spend hours and hours watching this content-free and really really basic course. I wanted my money back, contacted Ted's support team to get to know that only if I submit all the homework.

And so I flushed the $2000 as I can easily make $2000 in the time needed to finish all the homework - Ted will give me the money back for going through something I don't like nor need but will not pay me for my time suffering through that. You cannot access homework in progress, you lose your work once you submit it. And you get up-sell messages all the time.

Maybe, if you upgrade to a more expensive program, $10.000 and more, you get the value. I don't believe it though. The marketing around Message to Million is pretty much the same as the one for the higher courses. I didn't try.

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