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New Habit Hard To Adopt? Easy Peasy With A Buddy! With coach.me discount code

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

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You've just decided to build a new habit. Or maybe you have just realized that the good old habits you once had vanished. Whether it is gratitude journaling, regular exercise, learning a new language, calling mom, meditation, or inbox zero.

Motivation typically doesn't materialize on it's own. It needs first a trigger, and then momentum. A coach can help you find the former and maintain the latter. You can claim I am biased, because I am a coach, and you might be even right. But I write about and recommend only what I have tried first hand.

Speaking of habits then. I managed to adopt a habit of writing consistently, of journaling daily, of eliminating sugar from my diet, of exercising daily - all that with an online text based coach from coach.me.

I loved working with Chris Sowers when I wanted to improve my writing. Not only Chris held me accountable from the consistency standpoint, he was also a well of wisdom and tips that made my life easier. He was also ready to proof-read my articles, which was a tremendous help. Chris is also a well established author on Medium, so if you are aiming at making a footprint (and money) there, he is your man. He even manages his own publication Management Matters and is happy to publish interesting writing on the subject.

Makeda Gershenson taught me to meditate. I was that type that immediately falls asleep anytime I tried, and I just could not train my mindfulness because, well, it's hard to do if you sleep on it ;-)

Alec Macrae made me reconsider my diet dramatically in a fun way. He made me create a private Instagram account and made me take pictures of everything I eat every day. It was a great experience. Just knowing that I would need to take a picture of my meal made me make mindful choices. Alec is on a low carb side though, so if you feel like you would appreciate a more flexible approach, Michelle Seidling is your woman. She is a PhD specialized on nutrition and takes a very holistic view. I cannot recommend both of the coaches enough.

On the productivity side, Kendra Kinnison is something like a coach.me star when it comes to organizing your day better, Rob Filardo can help you get your email under control with his program for inbox zero. If you would like to start to wake up early, George Halachev is your man.

Bere Schriewer specializes on helping people find the work they love. She even has a blog where she writes about it - very interesting, check it out.

Oh, I went wild! Well, I am on coach.me for about a year and half now and I have hired quite a few coaches. I also follow their work and only recommend the ones that are around for a while and that have great testimonials.

Hire any, you can't make a mistake. And if you use my code MISAWEEK, you get your first week free. Enjoy!

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