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Will you succeed with Marisa Murgatroyd's Experience Product Masterclass?

Are you contemplating to go through EPM, or Experience Product Masterclass that suddenly started to pop up in your email and google ads?

Chances are you want to start your own business, maybe a side hustle, or maybe, like me, you want to take your coaching business to the next level. You are bombarded by way too many offers (thank you, cookies), but they all seem the same and, let's be honest, expensive and often not very credible.

I have been there too. Who to believe?

Luckily, I am a loyal subscriber of Jon MOrrow - if you are a writer or a blogger, you may want to check my article summarising my experience with his Freedom Machine (spoiler alert, I did build my Freedom Machine with him and the investment paid off multiple times with close to zero maintenance effort).

So, Jon Morrow writes me: "Hey Misa, do you want to launch a highly successful course? I recommend Experience Product Masterclass. Marisa Murgatroyd helped me design my course too!"

Because I loved Jon's Freedom Machine, the way it was built, structured, and delivered, the support, the framework, the guarantee, everything, I gave Marisa's EPM a try.

Here's why you should too:

Once you start, you finish

The experience Product Masterclass is a fun and motivating experience.

You can get a taste of it right away, just sing-up for some of the pre-launch fun.

Try it out here.

One would say I am too old to be excited by a cha-cha ding-ding sound at completion of any of the small sub-tasks, but as I was motivated to do it anyway, I found that my dopamine button worked really well. I could see my progress, but I was never overwhelmed as Marisa would only make a set of videos and tasks available each week. So I couldn't cheat and sneak peak at what's next before I completed what was.

Get Your Money Back

Marisa offers a Money back guarantee, provided you put the work in.

Not exciting any more? Have been burned before when you rather waved the money than went through a painful experience of finishing awful amount of useless work that would take hours of your life nobody gets you back?

I know I have (you can see my other article on my Message to Millions experience). But Marisa's money back guarantee is something I went for.

Yes, you have to meet the milestones.

Yes, you have to attend every weekly coaching call. But man, aren't these packed with value!

The calls happen in a cosy atmosphere, the coaches are super knowledgeable and offer "hot Seat" experience on the spot. What is amazing is that you get immediate feedback and support from your fellow students.

Yes, you have to ask at least two questions on these calls.

I had a burning question to start with. Then I thought I am done and would have to make an artificial one as Marisa's content and calls provided me with information I needed right when I needed it.

As I progressed, new questions arose. And I could ask my coach Chris at the calls, and I was not limited to two questions only on the calls, I could ask more, and I had unlimited email access I got invaluable insights from.

And no, you are not following all the criteria for meeting the money back guarantee. You are following them in order to succeed.

After all, Marisa knows that when she helps you to succeed, you will not need the guarantee in the first place.


Marisa claims that 91 percent of her students finish her Experience Product Masterclass and, looking at the number of referrals, I believe her.

Also because I finished and I have dropped many similar courses in the past.

One of the few courses I finished, see my review on Jon Morrow's Freedom Machine, was based on Marisa's gamification concept (which I didn't know back then but hind sight it is clear it was).

I highly recommend you don't sign up right away.

What I recommend in stead is to sign up for Marisa's "Crack Your Course Idea Challenge"

Or Check her list of "20 most profitable Mega-Niches"

or if you like quizzes, take her: "What type of course creator are you?".

By going through Experience Product Masterclass, you are experiencing first hand what Marisa wants you to have your clients experience.

Plus, in the EPM package, you not only design a course that will be fun and engaging for your students, you get it Done-For-You on Marisa's platform by her very own team. How awesome is that?

It was a rhetorical question but my honest answer is: "I yet need to discover." I took a three months sabbatical with my husband to catch up after the long covid-19 break and so I will only be starting to work with Marisa's team so I get my course uploaded into the Experiencify system.

What I can say is that I am using the Experience Product I created during EPM successfully and I have no issue closing my prospects thanks to the clarity I got around what is it I have to offer.

If you are interested in what offer I created and am successfully selling, you can find it here. If you are an aspiring coach or a coach who wants to invest into learning successful and yet simple framework, I'd be delighted if you apply ;-)

Time investment

Well, I will not paint it pink.

If you want to create something of value, it takes time.

You will need to set 90 minutes a week in a set time for the coaching calls, everything else is self-paced.

You can choose a day and time in a week that suits you best and based on your day/time preference you will be assigned to a group coaching call.

It took me about two to four hours a week to go through the content and creation / communication with the coach part.

I watched the videos or listened to the audio typically in my downtime. In the bus, in the waiting room, or waiting for the kids to fall asleep.

What is cool is that you have videos, audios, and transcripts and worksheets available, so it will appeal to your learning style whatever preference you have.

Questions you might have

In the name of full disclosure, if you apply to EPM using my link, I will get a commission from her. I am a proud affiliate of EPM and, when you graduate, you can be too!

Anyway, I believe in providing value so feel free to use Marisa's coaches to answer any questions you might have - they have fresh information, but if you want additional details of someone who has done it as a student last year, feel free to drop me an email at michalakozinova@gmail.com

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