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No judgement, powerful way to make you and your managers rock star leaders

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20 years of executive management in tech corporations at your service. Leverage it and get a world class high potentials' mentoring

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Leading Business Coach & Mentor

Misa has a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of high-potentials, leaders, and executives - they love working with her. Since 2010, Misa has had the privilege of providing her coaching and people management expertise to all sizes of high-tech companies, start-ups, and scale-ups.

"I help high-achievers and high-potentials to overcome whatever is in their way so that they can manifest their ambitions with ease and peace of mind. If you are a techie, self-identify as nerd or weirdo, I am the right fit for you. Maybe even more so if you are a women in tech. I have a wide network of clients that need to balance all the different requirements coming their way in both business and private life while building good relationships.


Clients' testimonials

Lucie Doskova

Software Engineering Manager

"I might need mentoring rather than coaching as I feel like I've reached the limit of solutions I can think up by myself." That was my opening of the coaching session with Misa. I couldn't be more wrong about miracles that Misa's coaching mastery can cause. Her empathetic approach, thoughtful questions, diverse coaching styles & techniques helped me to look at problems from a totally different perspective and put me in a liberating state of mind. I was truly amazed how powerful is her work based on neuroscience and that it can rapidly improve the way one feels physically/mentally.

Jan Rusnacko

IT Security Manager

I had a pleasure to work with Misa as my mentor and had a wonderful
experience. Misa is very authentic and was always supportive. I relied
on her guidance and expertise about leadership and managing people, and
it helped me find new insights and grow professionally. Her enthusiasm
is contagious and I can definitely recommend her as a coach/mentor”

Romana Pokorna

Startup COO

I would recomend Misa to anyone who looks for great coach for personal
development, higher competencies on his/her positon or simple for
somebody who needs to develop his/her self-confidence to make necessary
actions steps and progress.”

Imogen Flood-Murphy

Technical Support Manager

Misa is an exceptionally talented and inspirational coach. I have had the good fortune to coached by her over the past five years, and have worked on my communication, confidence, and leadership skills. Every time we have a coaching session I learn more about myself, and getting a different point of view on the challenge of the day. What ever your challenges may be she has the ability to really get to the underlying issues that may be holding you back. When we first started talking about coaching, I admit I was quite sceptical, she absolutely changed my mind. She seems to know the right questions to ask or the best technique to use for any topic. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her insights and guidance. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach to assist with any and all things leadership, charisma and confidence

Kristina Sabakova

HR Marketing and Communication Lead

“ I had a pleasure to cooperate with Misa as a coach and I really enjoyed
our meetings. not only it was very pleasant and motivating, but her
expertise, wide overview of both people management and business helped
me to deal with professional challenges and career path. I really
appreciated her practical approach and sense of humor - her advice was
not based on some learned theoretical concepts, but on real-life
examples and situations she had experience with. I'm really glad that I
had a coach like this"


Brno, Czechia

+420 733 595 688

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