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What do clients say?

If you are looking for a coach, I bet you would rather hire someone who your friends and colleagues recommended. But what if you don't have such a recommendation? The testimonials from the clients I worked with and who are trusted raising stars in the SaaS industry might be of help. Also, feel free to reach out for a free discovery session at

Pavla Munzarova

CFO at Mews

I have been lucky to find Misa and have her coaching me for a year. She is not only super helpful, smart, emphatic, and fun, but I love her no bullsh*t approach that forced me to go through numerous aha moments during our sessions that then helped me to act right in numerous situations and grow personally as well as professionally. I cannot recommend Misa enough!

Zuzana Dobrovolna

Director of Operations 
Innovation and progress enthusiast

Misa, as a coach, and I met via the Femme Palette Coaching & Mentoring program.  Our goal was to discover which mentor is the best fit for me and what are my current life challenges. It felt very natural to talk to her openly. I especially appreciated that she had observed my organisation style and changed some of her coaching techniques to match my needs. She made me feel comfortable, focused and inspired me to work even more. I liked that her professional experience was an amazing fit for my current path as well. Her superpower is the way how she listens to you. Overall, Misha is an open-minded, PRO-skilled coach who will discover your needs and motivates you to change.

Michal Weiser

CTO at FinGood
Owner of

The fire is on!


Working with Misa is like putting your goals into a spaceship and launching it immediately. You're always welcomed with an unforgettable smile and left amazed with insight so deep that you can't stop thinking about it until the next session.


Always professional, fast, direct, and extremely conscious.


You will understand the value of working with Misa right after the first welcome sentence. She will shift you or your company to the next level.


Hire her! You won't regret it, I promise!

Roman Studeny

Director of Product

Misa is a real professional. The biggest benefit of the sessions are the huge past experiences and real situations she was solving during her professional executive career. ​


Misa is a great listener. Even if she doesn't tell you the "magic tricks", she makes you find out by yourself "WHAT TO DO" - this is usually always the right direction!


If you think you don't need a mentor or a coach, just try to spend one hour with here and you will find out that you were wrong. The only think I don't like about our cooperation is that it took me that much time to make myself to start it.

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