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Coaching Community

The most powerful way of spreading positive communication patterns in your teams - they will love it!

What do you respond when you are asked about what is the biggest challenge in your organization?

I bet that "communication" is what comes to mind. And if it's not the biggest challenge, it ranks high on your list.

Why is that?

In most of the companies it's not for the lack of trying. You organize communication, soft-skills, and active listening training. Maybe you train your folks on Crucial Conversations. Maybe you even have Advanced Influencing skills workshops.

You take your employees through Employee Satisfaction Surveys and you engage your management to drive the improvements based on what your people told you.

Yet, the results don't improve. Your people still don't listen to each other, the departments still don't take the impact on other departments into consideration when making decisions.

So if traditional training doesn't work, what to do instead?

Hire a coach to every employee? !?$$?

Get every employee through a coaching training? You just can't afford that.

But what you can do is to substitute the training with a powerful concept of the Coaching Community.

What is it? Well, it's a community of people who want to be able to help others. People who want to be better leaders and managers.

They meet every month and learn and practice coaching for half a day. And since I teach Extreme Coaching only, they have no other choice than to become curious about motivations of others. They have no other choice than to learn to listen.

The very first thing they learn is that if they keep quiet, they will get to know so much more.

Shoot me an email to if you want to get to know more. I am happy to run your very own Coaching Community. I am also happy to train and certify your designated Coaching Community Masters.

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Casual Business Meeting

“Year and a half ago when we’ve started Coaching community here in Brno, I’ve never thought that I would really like it as I do in these days. I have been curious, but not convinced about added value of coaching as such. However, going through that year and a half of coaching experience was great. ”

Ondra Kopacek

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