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Powerful Individual Sessions with Immediate Feedback to Boost Your Learning

Maybe you are a manager that feels the good old carrot and stick is not for you. Or you are an HR Business Partner who gets dragged into all sort of situations where you are expected to coach and you feel a bit short on your toolkit. Or maybe you are a parent that wants to change your career path towards something where you can help people. 


In the individual session, I will teach you my 100% easy to start with coaching blueprint. 

I have tested it on hundreds of individuals and it just works, all the time. 

It takes the best of the coaching models out there. It has a simple flow and it has a powerful structure that empowers both the beginners and the experienced coaches. 


Learning to coach can be overwhelming. I have made it simple, structured, and repeatable so that everyone can coach from day one. 


I will show you:

- How to work with time to increase focus.

- How to contract and bring clarity to your client.

- How to raise the client's confidence levels.

- How to access the client's inner resources he/she is not even aware of.

- How to easily evaluate the success of your coaching session for both yourself and your client without asking for feedback.

- How to get the client to the action.


The best part - you will coach me and you will get immediate guidance and feedback. Your learning will be fun, engaging, and effective. 

Book me online - if you don't find a convenient slot, just send me an email to

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