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Míša Kozinová

I am proud winner of Red Hat Chairman Award - a peer nominated and board approved award given yearly to 20 associates out of 23000. 

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I Learn From The Best

I study from the best of the best. I have been trained in Neurolinguistic Programming from Richard Bandler and John Grinder, two gentlemen who have Modelled NLP by directly the best psychotherapist of all times, Dr. Milton H. Erickson. 

I have read all the books Dr. Erickson authored or co-authored, and I have studied everything there is from the best trainers - Steve Andreas, John Overdurf, and Anthony Robbins.

I am passionate about studiyng the structure of change and human motivation from the neuroscience point of view. 

I am a life-long learner. I currently study Psychotherapy and a psycho-diagnostics method that is at the level of magnetic resonance with Jiri Halda. 

I am working on getting the highest qualification of Internetional Coaching Federation - Master Certified Coach. 

I went through several hundreds of coaching training, and I have coached thousands of hours serving hundreds of clients from over thirty countries. 

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About Misa

Misa has a unique gift of finding subtle clues that can guide you easily and effortlessly to surprising, creative, and motivating solutions to what at first seemed an unsolvable problem. She has a great ability to connect with a wide spectrum of high-potentials, leaders, and executives because she adapts her style to match yours while challenging you at the same time on your way to personal mastery. 


Since 2010, Misa has had the privilege of providing her coaching and people management expertise to all sizes of high-tech companies, start-ups, and scale-ups.

Misa brings a mix of skills to the table: human behaviour & motivation expertise, outstanding leadership, modern psychotherapy techniques and even hypnotherapy. 


She invests thousands of dollars to her education to deepen her knowledge about facilitating transformation, and deep change fast. 

She also helps aspiring coaches to learn coaching skills and teaches coaching in companies and 1 on 1 too.

"I help high-achievers and high-potentials to overcome whatever is in their way so that they can manifest their ambitions with ease and peace of mind."

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Ilse Kous

Managing Director Benelux & Northern Europe 

Misa started coaching me when Mews went from start-up to scale-up and was experiencing a hypergrowth phase. She coached me through this very challenging and exciting times by listening, steering, coaching, practising and ensuring I could plan and execute the companies goals, while I remained true to myself and finding balance in work and life. When Covid hit, she coached me through the stages of grief and helped me battle the challenges that came with this crisis. I can honestly say that Misa kept me sane and made me a better, stronger and more balanced person that can face challenges in whatever way they may present themselves. Any person that would have the privilege of being coached by Misa should feel lucky that they get this chance.

"I might need mentoring rather than coaching as I feel like I've reached the limit of solutions I can think up by myself." That was my opening of the coaching session with Misa. I couldn't be more wrong about miracles that Misa's coaching mastery can cause. Her empathetic approach, thoughtful questions, diverse coaching styles & techniques helped me to look at problems from a totally different perspective and put me in a liberating state of mind. I was truly amazed how powerful is her work based on neuroscience and that it can rapidly improve the way one feels physically/mentally.

Lucie Doskova

Software Engineering Manager

Roman Studeny

Director at

Misa is really a professional. The biggest benefit of the sessions are the huge past experiences and real situations she was solving during her professional executive career. ​ Misa is a great listener. Even if she doesn't tell you the "magic tricks", she makes you find out by yourself "WHAT TO DO" - this is usually always the right direction! If you think you don't need a mentor or a coach, just try to spend one hour with here and you will find out that you were wrong. The only think I don't like about our cooperation is that it took me that much time to make myself to start it.

Michal Weiser

Owner of and CTO of FinGOOD

Imogen Flood-Murphy

Manager, CEE Operations at Red Hat

Misa is an exceptionally talented and inspirational coach. I have had the good fortune to coached by her over the past five years, and have worked on my communication, confidence, and leadership skills. Every time we have a coaching session I learn more about myself, and getting a different point of view on the challenge of the day. What ever your challenges may be she has the ability to really get to the underlying issues that may be holding you back. When we first started talking about coaching, I admit I was quite sceptical, she absolutely changed my mind. She seems to know the right questions to ask or the best technique to use for any topic. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her insights and guidance. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach to assist with any and all things leadership, charisma and confidence

“ The fire is on! Working with Misa is like putting your goals into a spaceship and launching it immediately. You're always welcomed with an unforgettable smile and left amazed with insight so deep that you can't stop thinking about it until the next session. Always professional, fast, direct, and extremely conscious. You will understand the value of working with Misa right after the first welcome sentence. She will shift you or your company to the next level. Hire her! You won't regret it, I promise!"


Brno, Czechia

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