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“Year and a half ago when we’ve started Coaching community here in Brno, I’ve never thought that I would really like it as I do in these days. I have been curious, but not convinced about added value of coaching as such. However, going through that year and a half of coaching experience was great. ”

                                                    Ondra Kopacek, Engineering Manager, Red Hat

Why would you recommend the Coaching Community to other Companies?

Study Group

"Because it provides great opportunity for people to become more mindful about their communication and these people can spread this further. This improves the communication and relationships with colleagues, partners or customers and eventually makes the work place more emphatic and pleasant."

""It is time well spent that makes employees actively listen to other people, ask better questions and most importantly to expand possibilities in personal development. Practising coaching not only gives you the knowledge of the framework, but also uncover and solve inner problems that mentor would have difficulties in handling them."

"It's about experience. It's hard to pick one or two things because everyone can find something else in it. It helped me to be better listener, more open-minded, respect others' opinion and see/understand others' thoughts"

Business Woman

"Because people can learn how not to take any words personal. They find out how others think. Their communication can improve as side effect of this training."

What are your five key take aways?

What are your five key take aways?

"1) People very often do not express what they actually want (or mean)

2) Let other people finish their thoughts completely

3) You do not need to speak at all costs, silence can be more powerful

4) Others might know the answer to their problems on a subconscious level, and it might be a better one than you think

5) When someone figures out a (possible) solution by themselves, they are way more likely to believe in it and try it."

Study Group on the Grass

"I am more conscious about questions I ask and answers that I receive. Knowing that I should not give advise straight away, but lead the person to find their way how to achieve something or solve a problem."

"1. Experience

2. Silent rule

3. People can find the best way for themselves

4. Focus on person not on problem

5. It's nice feeling to help people."

How is Misa different than other instructors?

"She makes a difficult and complex skill of coaching look like you can do it too. "

"I do not have any experience with other instructors, but come on, we all know Misa is awesome. It feels like people never feel discomfort when working with her."

"I like the way she teaches - focus on a few key things and practice. "

"She gives us the best of her. It's difficult to explain but I feel she is fully engaged. "

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