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Are you looking for your first or next coaching course so that you become a competent coach confident to help your clients with any challenge at hand?


Would you like to just get in the game and start right away?


Get impressive results consistently and reliably and feeling like you know what you are doing every single time? 


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become a damn good coach with proven coaching concepts  toolkit under your belt  so that you get happy customers that become your raving fans referring you to their colleagues and friends. 

Enjoy the power of coaching in a hot seat with your Head Coach and Master Trainer Misa Kozinova and learn in an environment of trust and respect designed for the most effective adult learning. Unlike other programs that you leave more confused than when you started, Talent Momentum allows for immediate start. You will be able to start to coach after the very first session already!


Module 1: Six Fundamental Coaching Principles

Become a way better listener by adopting these six simple principles. Understand the dynamics of human conversation and naturally become more aware about your needs and the needs of others, so that you can easily resist the urge to provide your solutions and rather provide the space for your clients to find their very own solutions within. 

Module 2: The Magic Universal-use Formula

Experience the magic of this coaching approach on yourself for any topic that is burning for you. Career progression, business decisions, work-life balance, diet, exercise, relationship, you name it. Grasp in just three sessions what you would have been learning for months in other programs. You can adopt the principles learned in this module to help your customers get fresh perspective on the issue at hand, generate creative ideas, and find the motivation to leverage their potential and take their thoughts into action.

Module 3: Crucial Conversations Formula

Learn a system that will mentally prepare you or your client for any conversation where the stakes are high. Business negotiations, delivering bad news, leading through change, career and remuneration conversations, anything where interaction of two parties is needed. No more remorse of “I should have done this differently” - this formula will help you and your clients to do it the first time right. Help your clients feel prepared, walk into the conversation with ease, leave nervousness behind the door and fully focus on what they want to achieve and be happy about their negotiation outcomes. 


Module 4: Happiness Formula

Whatever your clients are working on, whatever their dream, whatever they desire. Have your clients experience it as if they were already there and create a plan from the place of resourcefulness with this blueprint for abstract and overwhelming topics such as confidence, work-life balance, life purpose, happiness, and many more. Help your clients to finally start to believe that they can achieve what they dream about, to find their purpose, to define exactly what they want to do and have them experience the success that will motivate them to move forward. 

Module 5: Undesired Feelings Integration Formula

Who has not experienced anxiety, fear, unease, imposter syndrome or stage fright? Learn how to help your clients to integrate their undesired feelings so they can work for them rather than against them. This module is often life-changing for participants. Experience huge relief and transformation and learn how to help others to achieve the same.  Help your clients understand their triggers and rewire their brain so that they can be in touch with their emotions in a way that makes them feel empowered. 

 Eight Weekly two hours live online learning sessions with Misa

In the weekly two hours workshops, you will learn a lot about yourself and about the motivation of others so you can adopt better communication techniques that will make your conversations a win-win.  You will enjoy hot seat coaching with Misa and peer practice coaching both as a coach and as a coachee. 

You will become a way better listener which will make your relationships thrive. 

You will enjoy time for yourself, reflection, and planning so that you know where you are going and how to get there. 

You will learn to overcome any challenge with ease.


But most importantly, you will become a coach who has a great cookbook for your coaching conversations. No matter how tough the challenge your clients bring. No matter if you are a beginner or have empathy of a turnip. 


You will become a skilled coach. 


Each session you learn a brand new script that you can deploy with your clients right away without any hesitation. 

Weekly Q&A

You will have space to ask any clarification questions or questions that arise as you deploy the concepts in practice with your clients. 

Certification Checklist

So you always know where are you on your learning journey and so that you are held accountable for practicing. Practice makes permanent and the checklist will help you track your progress towards certification but also help you make the most from the program. If you practice, you get questions. Questions that are worthwhile being clarified. 

Coaching Manual


You will get a booklet with all the techniques and access to the Q&A so that you can always refresh what you learned and use it over and over.

When Does It Start?

The next cohort starts in the middle of May. If you are looking for more information

Testimonials - What do the past graduates have to say?

Misa’s program was a life changing experience. I was able to get rid of my draining psychological issues, change my career, learn better ways of communication, get a promotion, and many more miracles happened thanks to everything I learned from her in my personal life. 



I took Misa’s program although I didn’t want to be a coach. I just wanted to be a better leader. And it exceeded my expectations by far! 

How does she add value? 

Mysteriously. Amazingly, outstandingly, efficiently and often in an unexpected way. 

There were numerous examples of me using what I have learned in my life - from talking to a child, through asking right questions to my friends who were looking for advice, to helping my reports to get unstuck in their growth or motivation. Plus I've solved some of my own problems (and that might be the reason for many people to start even if that fact is not accepted openly by them). 

Alex - Senior Manager


Misa’s program helped me to unstuck and to find answers for many questions which bothered me and blocked myself from showing my full potential. I can see how many changes I was able to implement into my personal and work life. I am much more productive at work and much more open to others, I am able to help people around me to see a bigger picture and unstuck themselves. 

Yana, Senior Business Project Manager


Misa's knowledge and experience as a coach is undeniable and her down-to-earth and playful but professional approach makes the sessions fun and engaging.

Daniele - Senior Business Program Manager


Miša adds so much value. Not only she knows how the business works, she has a lot of coaching knowledge from different schools of thought around coaching, that she brings to the table. She is a very experienced coach, innovating new models for coaching people that she then hands on to those of us lucky enough to find her and learn from her.

Imogen - Customer Experience Enablement Manager

Misa knows what her teaches really well as she is very experienced with both coaching and teaching coaching and she is always ready to provide tips and ideas when I come with questions. It’s backed by her experience, it always makes sense and it always works when I implement what I learn. I have taken her Foundational course and I keep buying advanced courses from her as she keeps teaching new and new coaching techniques. I love her supervision where she gives me feedback on what I am doing and how. It’s important to me to know when something I did was a bit risky, and I am always curious to learn whether there was a better or safer way. Also, I am worried sometimes to use some techniques and Misa is able to help me to get over it, so I feel safe / comfortable to use them in the end.

Petr, Senior Software Engineer

Misa has great deal of experience, is very constructive and all that in a friendly way. She's just awesome.

Martin, Senior Software Engineer


Misa is incredibly inspiring and skilled. One thing I really appreciated is that she's been an actual business leader, managed teams and worked with a lot of people! I find her much more relatable than someone who comes purely from an L&D background but has never been in the "line of fire." 

Tyler, Director of Global Talent Acquisition


Misa is a really great coach and teacher and I do not have enough space to describe all of her great values. She is a great inspiration for me and I have to say, that I am moving forward and feel stronger with every session. Her program helps me to find my inner peace. I am more effective at work as well, because I am using coaching approach when I am solving my tasks and problems.

Vera, Software Quality Engineering Manager


Misa’ enthusiasm and great personality is what makes her a coach. She really wants me to understand so if I don't know about something she gives me excellent answers with clear examples.

Lukas, Associate Software Engineer


What I get from the program is a lot of different scenarios to help handle me or others with different types of issues. Even a way how to help a person without knowing what their are struggling with! Misa taught me how to help just by leading them through a path and let them do their mental work in between.

I also get encouragement whenever I am coached on different topics to help me find a solution, to move on, to learn from the experience.

Jana, Principal Customer Support Specialist


Misa’s Talent Momentum Group program is one of the most wonderful communities I have ever taken part in. The community is highly recommended as a source of powerful inspiration, learning and practice. The community can result in rapid growth for the individuals that take part. Coaching in today's world is a fundamental leadership skill. Those trained in coaching become highly effective leaders, due to putting into practice powerful listening skills, empathy and creating positive visions of the future. This community gives people the opportunity, in a safe and caring environment, to develop themselves both in manifesting their own potential and helping the people they coach to realize their dreams. Misa, our Master Trainer, creates the space in which all of this occurs. She teaches us completely new things and ways of perceiving the world that we haven't come across before. She creates a light and happy atmosphere. She provides us with honest insight based on her expertise and experience. Having learned from the best of the best in coaching, we learn from the best of the best too. She models the coaching skills, enabling us to mirror them and therefore learn quickly and efficiently. 

The Talent Momentum meeting is the only place, for a long time, where my attention is absolutely gripped for the entire 4 hours ( I attended her INTENSIVE EXTENDED program). This is because it's totally safe, authentic, and results in the deepest and most profound realizations you can witness in human beings on their life's journey. 

Nick, Senior Program Manager

What's the Investment?

The group program with a small audience of maximum 20 participants so that every participant can enjoy their hot seat coaching with Misa, her supervision and feedback is $4.997. Payment plan is available. 

If you are looking for a 1:1 private training, the investment is $25.000.

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Meet Your Head Coach And MAster Trainer

I have coached over 150 leaders from over 30 corporations and over 20 countries in the past 10 years. I am a certified coach, Master Practitioner of NLP proudly learning from the best in the industry. 


I am a NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner certified by John Grinder, NLP Master Practitioner certified by Richard Bandler, Advanced Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner from RIchard Bandler and went through hundreds of hours of coaching training from other most-renowned coaches such as Anthony Robbins, Steve Andreas, John Overdurf, Tad James, and many others.  I spoke about my proprietary method of teaching emotional intelligence in companies (The Talent Momentum) at EMCC Coaching Conference in 2019. 


I have 20 years of leadership experience, interviewed well over a thousand people. I have hired my first 90 engineers when I started my career as a Managing Director in my twenties, then moved to help a fast growing company scale as a Head of Project Management Office, served as a Director of Deployment and Support in Telecommunications and finally built technical support for Red Hat for EMEA. 


I am a Chairman Award Winner at Red Hat - peer nomination honor awarded every year to only 20 people out of 23 thousand, so far awarded only to 230 people overall. 


I am a life-long learner, currently study psychotherapy and psychodiagnostic method and I am a mom of three boys - one with learning disabilities and asperger syndrome. 

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